What is a short code ?

Short codes are five or six-digits numbers that are used to address messages in the Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and short message service (SMS) systems of mobile network operators.

Quite often we receive text messages or notifications from different companies. As example: Adding funds to account: 06.03.2017 16:00:00 2,000 USD was added on your account. Available balance: 5,000 USD.

Most marketing messages sent from short phone numbers (short codes), like 67076. Short codes are widely used in marketing campaigns. Messages from short codes are more powerful instruments than messages which are send from long codes. What are the benefits of using a short code?

Shared and dedicated keywords

There are two kinds of keywords, shared and dedicated.

Shared keywords. A shared code is shared between multiple customers. How to use a short code effectively? CallFire provides a shared code for free and customers order one or more keywords. These keywords will be allocated to a customer. Below you can see an example of keyword use. Italian cafe may send a following message: "Visit our newly opened Italian cafe. Text PASTA from your mobile phone and you will get a 20% discount for all menu". Client who sends message with a keyword receives a discount coupon via text message.

Using shared short codes is a budget and productive way to reach (potential) customers. It is easy to send text messages from shared short code. You can set up your text broadcast campaign and start sending messages immediately. You just need to login your CallFire account and to choose a shared code in a drop-down list. Next step is to enter your text message and to schedule your text broadcast.

Dedicated short codes. Dedicated short code is a one that is used by specific company or brand. There are two types of dedicated short codes: random and vanity short codes. Brands prefer to use vanity short codes, which are formed by a catchy string of numbers, like 12121. And random short codes look like a random sequence of symbols ie 48228. Unlike shared short codes, using of dedicated short codes is quite expensive.

How to order a short code

Sending messages from CallFire shared codes is available to all registered users. To order dedicated keyword a separate contract is required. Customer may reach sales representatives by calling our sales line or by sending email to sales@callfire.com. Feel free to address us your questions by filling this form.

Provisioning of short codes may take up to three months as registration is approved by US Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) or the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA).

Customer who uses a dedicated short code has possibility to use the keywords for free (depending on billing plan).

Opting in to text short codes. When a person sends a keyword to a short code his phone number is included to contacts database. To opt out from text message people may just text "STOP" or "HELP" to the same short code. Then sender should exclude this phone number from his database and to cease messaging.