Transfers the active call to a specified phone number.


A valid phone number is required. Enter multiple numbers separated by commas.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
callerid N variable or number The caller ID displayed to the transferred call. Defaults to ${call.callerid}
musiconhold N Existing CallFire music* Music played while call is transferred. Defaults to ringing
continue-after N true or false Enable transferred call to return to dial plan after hangup. Default is false.
mode N ringall or waterfall Ringall rings all transfer numbers at once. Waterfall rings one at a time. Default is ringall.
timeout N an integer Ends transfer attempt and returns to dial plan. Expressed in seconds.
whisper-tts N any text The text to speech you wish to be played the called party just before the call connects the callee to the caller.


The following transfers the call to 5551234567 and 5551239999 at the same time. The first one to answer gets the call. Blues music will be played during the transfer, and the incoming caller's own caller ID will display.

<dialplan name="Root">
    <transfer callerid="${call.callerid}" musiconhold="blues" mode="ringall">5551234567,5551239999

The following transfers the call to 5551234567 and shows 1234 as the caller ID, so the person at 5551234567 will know the call is from CallFire. He will also hear the whisper text play before the call is connected. In addition, if no one picks up in 25 seconds, or about five rings, the caller will be asked to leave a message.

<dialplan name="Root">
    <transfer callerid="1234" timeout="25" whisper-tts="Call From CallFire">5551234567</transfer>
    <play type="tts">No one is here. Leave a message.</play>