This tag creates a recording, either as input to a prompt, or as a recording of the entire phone call.


This is an empty self-closing tag.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
varname Y any text Stores full path to the recording into a variable
background N true Disables the beep and records the entire call
timeout N the number of seconds Limits the recording


This records the client's name. The caller has 10 seconds to do so. After 10 seconds, the recording ends and moves to the next <play> tag.

<dialplan name="Root">
    <play type="tts">At the tone, please state your name clearly.
        When you are finished, please press Pound.</play>
    <record varname="ClientName" timeout="10"/>
    <play type="tts">Thanks!</play>

This records the entire call. The record tag activates without any audible sound, and then the call is transferred.

<dialplan name="Root">
    <record varname="ClientName" background="true">