Deletes a contact list by id

This operation deletes a contact list identified by id.


Parameter Data Type Demo Value Description
DeleteContactList object Delete ContactList identified by unique ID
Id long 135 Unique ID of resource


We are going to delete contact list identified by '188518001'.

using RestSharp;

namespace [your-namespace]
    public class [your-class]
        public string DeleteContactList()
            long contactListId = 188601001; // Your ContactList Id here

            var client = new RestClient("");
            client.Authenticator = new HttpBasicAuthenticator("YourLoginId", "password");

            var request = new RestRequest(string.Format("contact/list/{0}", contactListId), Method.DELETE);

            var response = client.Execute(request);
            string content = response.Content;
            return content;

Response Parameters

The contact list exists

Response Code: 204

You will not receive any XML on the body, just 204 as a response code. You can validate the result of the operation by using GetContactList and checking that the contact list status is DELETED.

The contact list doesn't exist

Response Code: 204

The API will behave in the same way as if the contact list existed. It will return 204 as the response code and an empty body.