One branch of a <menu> tag defining user input.


Determines the result for a user key input. A <menu> tag requires at least one <keypress> tag. The contents of a <keypress> tag are more nodes to execute.


Attribute Required Values Description
name N any text A unique name for the tag
loggingEnabled Y any valid number or default or timeout A numerical value or default or timeout


This poll asks recipients to indicate their response by pressing buttons on their phone. Note that there is also a dangerous continual loop: users who enter nothing, or an undefined number, will loop back to the top. The call will not end until the recipient hangs up. This is for informational purposes only!

<dialplan name="Root">
    <menu name="main" maxdigits="1" timeout="5000">
        <play type="tts" voice="female2">Is your opinion of Prime Minister Churchill favorable or unfavorable?  Press 1 for Very Favorable.  Press 2 for Somewhat Favorable.  Press 3 for Somewhat Unfavorable. Press 4 for Very Unfavorable.
        <keypress pressed="1">
            <stash varname="Opinion">Very Favorable</stash>
        <keypress pressed="2">
            <stash varname="Opinion">Somewhat favorable</stash>
        <keypress pressed="3">
            <stash varname="Opinion">Somewhat unfavorable</stash>
        <keypress pressed="4">
            <stash varname="Opinion">Very unfavorable</stash>
        <keypress pressed="default">
        <keypress pressed="timeout">
     <play type="tts" voice="female2">Thank you for your time and participation.  Have a great day.</play>