Disable auto-renew for a number or keyword

CallFire's system automatically "renews" your numbers and keywords each month and bills you account accordingly. When you no longer need a number or keyword, you can easily 'Release' it and stop your recurring monthly charge.

Once you release a keyword, you will not be able to repurchase it for a month after the release becomes effective. For example, if your keyword is slated to auto-renew for another month on April 29th, and you release it on April 15th, you will still be able to use it until April 29th. However, you will not be able to repurchase it until May 29th. Therefore, please be sure of your decision before releasing.


Parameter Data Type Demo Value Description
Release object Release leased number/keyword in account
Number PhoneNumber
Keyword string


using RestSharp;

namespace [your-namespace]
    public class [your-class]
        public string ReleaseNumber()
            var client = new RestClient("");
            client.Authenticator = new HttpBasicAuthenticator("YourLoginId", "password");

            var request = new RestRequest("number/release", Method.PUT);
            request.AddParameter("Number", "12132042444");

            var response = client.Execute(request);
            string content = response.Content;
            return content;

The response code returned is:


Which means that the number has been released successfully.